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What We Offer
  • Our expert advisory team evaluates your investment.
  • Builds or reconstruct your portfolio for you.
  • Provides investment recommendations in line with your asset allocation.
  • Trust building and client engagement.
  • Portfolio customization as per client’s investment goals.
  • Opportunity to access qualified and experienced portfolio management team.
  • Allocates your assets to take advantage of opportunities and manage risks.
  • Provides guidance to investors to invest in companies with high growth opportunities.
  • Not applicable for daily trades but still benefit from our investment advisory.
  • Mid to long term techniques to create wealth from stock market.

Important !

All payments to be made in the name of Pasha Securities (Pvt.) Limited, through “A/c Payee Only” crossed cheque, bank drafts, pay orders or other banking channels only.
Any change in email address, mobile number, office phone number, mailing address, registered/ permanent addresses or other related information should be intimated immediately to the us.