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Where are my funds held?
Your cash balance will be held by PASHA SECURITIES (PRIVATE) LIMITED, and it will be reflected in your account statement.
Are there any monthly fees on my accounts?
No, but there are such charges like CDC sub account fee, UIN account fee, which are pass through items .
How can I place my orders?
Orders can be placed through logging on to your user account through KITS, if you have the connection or through the telephone call to our assigned equity dealer.
Am I able to change or cancel an order?
An order can be changed or cancelled through KITS or through equity dealer before trade execution.
How will I be notified of trade executions?
An email confirmation will be sent to you after the completion of back office process through the automated software. Alternatively, you can also make a telephone call to the assigned trade executor to confirm trade executions.
What is the Central Depositary Company (CDC)/Central Depository System (CDS)?
The CDC is a company that operates an electronic share register called the Central Depositary System (CDS). The CDS eliminates the need for physical movement of share certificates. It has also solved investor problems relating to stock handling on the settlement date, registration of shares, and corporate action. Clients are required to open a CDS sub-account with PASHA SECURITIES (PRIVATE) LIMITED, for which a form is included in the account application booklet.
How do I transfer my holdings in the CDS to a broker?
You are required to transfer your holding to the broker's CDS account. If you have a CDS Investor Account you can issue transfer instructions. Alternatively, you can instruct your custodian/existing broker holding your shares to transfer those shares. You will be able to trade those shares after its receipt by PASHA SECURITIES (PRIVATE) LIMITED.
What taxes will I be liable to as an equity investor?
The following taxes are levied by Federal Government: 
For further details you should seek professional tax guidance.
1. Capital Value Tax (CVT) on the purchase value of shares.
2. Federal Excise Duty
3. Capital gains tax on income from equity trading


Important !

All payments to be made in the name of Pasha Securities (Pvt.) Limited, through “A/c Payee Only” crossed cheque, bank drafts, pay orders or other banking channels only.
Any change in email address, mobile number, office phone number, mailing address, registered/ permanent addresses or other related information should be intimated immediately to the us.