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List Of All The Independent Members Of ISE [Click Name For Full Detail]

ISE 001 Mr Amanullah Khan
ISE 002 Miss Sarah Tariq
ISE 003 Mr Osman Khalid Waheed
ISE 004 Mr.Ali F.Cassim
ISE 005 Dr Parvez Hasan
ISE 006 Mian Habib Ullah
ISE 007 Mian Parvez Aslam
ISE 008 Mr. Farooq Ismail
ISE 009 Mr Shahid Aziz
ISE 010 Sheikh Muhammad Shabbir
ISE 011 Mr Khalid Majid
ISE 012 Mr Usman ul Haq
ISE 013 Chaudhry Khalid Shafique
ISE 014 Mrs Shahida Tanvir Ahmed
ISE 015 Mr Haroon Ihsan Piracha
ISE 016 Syed Mukhtar Hussain Jaffery
ISE 018 Mr Najam ul Haq Malik
ISE 019 Mr. Saleem Jangda
ISE 020 Mr Mumtaz Ali Malik
ISE 021 Mr Pervez Khalid Sheikh
ISE 024 Mr Omer Iqbal Pasha
ISE 025 Tariq Mahmood Sheikh
ISE 026 Mr. Riaz Ahmed
ISE 030 Mr Mahboob Ellahi
ISE 031 Mr Mujeeb Ur Rehman (Late)
ISE 032 Mr Ebrahim Qassim
ISE 033 Mr. Dawoodi Alibhoy Morkas
ISE 034 Mr Jawad Aslam Chaudhry
ISE 035
ISE 036 Mr Tariq Sadiq
ISE 037 Mr Saleem Zulfiqar Khan
ISE 038 Mian Muhammad Akram
ISE 039 Col. (Retd) Muhammad Ahmed Nadeem
ISE 040 Mr, Vasdave Lakhwani
ISE 041 Mr. Iskander M. Khan
ISE 042 Mr Javed Saif Ullah Khan
ISE 043
ISE 045 Mr Jamshed Chaudhry
ISE 046 Mr Abdul Waheed Jan
ISE 047
ISE 048 Mir Shah Jahan Khetran
ISE 049
ISE 050
ISE 052 Mr.Muhammad kausar
ISE 053 Mr.Qaiser Mushtaq
ISE 055 Syed Muhammad Ismail Abbassi
ISE 057 Malik Ejaz Anwar
ISE 059 Chaudhry Manzoor Ahmad
ISE 060 Mr. Sirajjuddin A. Cassim
ISE 061 Mr Amin Issa Tai
ISE 062
ISE 063 Mr Altaf M. Saleem
ISE 064 Haji M. Idrees H. Adam
ISE 065
ISE 066 Mr Sohail Raza Moosani
ISE 068 Mr Khalid Malik
ISE 069 Mr A. Hameed Shahid Khokhar
ISE 070 Mr Tariq Sayeed
ISE 071 Mr Anjum Niaz Chohan
ISE 072 Dr Ismara Khan
ISE 073 Dr Syed Qaiser Anis
ISE 074 Mr.Shahid Hassan Awan
ISE 075 Mr Aqeel Mahmood Khawaja
ISE 076 Mr Muhammad Yacoob Memon
ISE 077 Chaudhry Ijaz Ahmed
ISE 078 Lt. Col. (Retd) Chaudhry Iftikhar Ahmad
ISE 079 Mr. Muhammad Rafiq Tumbi
ISE 080 Dr. Zahid Mahmood
ISE 081 Mr. Muhammad Yasin Dhedhi
ISE 082 Mr. Ahsan Imtiaz Bhatti
ISE 083 Mr. Nizam Khalifan
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