List Of All The Corporate Members Of ISE [Click Mame For Full Detail]

C-501 Saudi Pak Industrial & Agricultural Inv. Co. (Pvt) Ltd.
C-502 Muslim Commercial Bank Limited
C-503 Faysal Bank Limited
C-504 Investment Corporation of Pakistan
C-505 Pakistan Industrial & Credit Investment Corporation Ltd.
C-506 National Bank Of Pakistan Ltd.
C-507 Aqeel Karim Dhedhi Securities (Pvt) Limited
C-508 First Equities Modaraba
C-509 Allied Bank of Pakistan Limited
C-510 Zahid Latif Khan Securities (Pvt) Limited
C-511 Lasani Securities (Pvt) Limited
C-512 SMB Securities (Pvt) Limited
C-513 Munaf Satter Securities (Pvt) Ltd.
C-514 Al - Ameen Securities (Pvt) Limited
C-515 Y.S.Stocks (Pvt) Ltd.
C-516 Atlas Investment Bank Limited
C-518 Stock Vision (Pvt) Ltd.
C-519 Fidelity Securities (Pvt) Limited
C-520 Progressive Investment Management (Pvt) Limited
C-521 Switch Securities (Pvt) Limited
C-523 Millenium Securities And Investment (Pvt) Limited
C-524 Omni Capital Management (Pvt) Limited
C-525 Arif Habib Securities Limited
C-526 HDS Securities (Pvt) Limited
C-527 TAAS Securities (Pvt) Limited
C-528 Interworld Securities (Pvt) Limited
C-529 Askari Securities Limited
C-530 Excel Securities (Pvt.) Limited
C-530 Excel Securities (Pvt.) Limited
C-531 Shafi Securities (Pvt) Limited
C-532 Moosani Securities (Pvt) Limited
C-533 Safe Securities (Pvt) Limited
C-535 N H Investments (Pvt) Limited
C-536 Black Stone Equities (Pvt) Ltd.
C-537 Pride Stock & Services (Pvt) Ltd.
P-402 Abbasi & Company (Partners: S.M. Ismail Abbasi & S. Aijaz Ali Abbasi)
P-403 Central Securities (Partners: Mr. & Mrs. Sohail Altaf)
C-538 Fair Edge securities (Pvt) Ltd.
C-539 Plus Securities (Pvt) Ltd.
C-540 A.U.Securities (Pvt) Ltd.
C-541 Dalal Securities (Pvt) Ltd.
C-542 General Investment & Securities (Pvt) Ltd.
C-543 Invest Forum (Pvt) Ltd (SMC)
C-544 M/S Worldlink Securities (Pvt) Limited.
C-545 M/S Sun Securities (Pvt) Limited.
C-546 M/S Stock Street (Pvt) Ltd.
C-547 Beaming Investment & Securities (Pvt) Limited.
C-548 Jahangir Siddiqui Investment Bank Limited.
C-549 M/S Jahangir Siddiqui & Co Limited.
C-550 M/S A.R. Securities (Pvt) Limited
C-551 M/S Fincap Investments (Pvt) limited.
C-552 M/S Faith Securities (Pvt) Limited.
C-553 M/S H.R.Securities & Brokerage (Pvt) Limited.
C-554 M/S Polani Securities (Pvt) Ltd.
C-555 M/S Prime Capital Management (Pvt) Ltd
C-556 M/S DJM Securities (Pvt) Ltd
C-557 AAA Securities (Pvt) Ltd.
C-558 Pace Investment & securities (Pvt) Ltd.
C-559 Mega Securities (Pvt) Ltd.
C-560 Abbasi Securities (SMC-Pvt) Limited.
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