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List Of Companies Belonging To Textile Composite

S No Name [Click For Full Detail]
1 Alif Industries Ltd
2 Artistic Denim Mills Ltd
3 Aruj Garment Accessories Ltd
4 Aswan Tenpage & Canvas Mills Ltd
5 Bahawalpur Textile Mills Ltd
6 Burewala Textile Mills Ltd
7 Caravan East Fabrics Ltd
8 Colony (thal) Textile Mills Ltd
9 Colony Sarhad Textile Mills Ltd
10 Colony Textile Mills Ltd
11 Crescnt Textile Mills Ltd
12 Dannemann Fabrics Ltd
13 Dawood Cotton Mills Ltd
14 Fateh Sropt Ware Ltd
15 Fateh Textile Mills Ltd
16 Ghazi Fabrics International Ltd
17 Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Ltd
18 Hafiz Textile Mills Ltd
19 Hala Enterprises Ltd
20 Hamid Textile Mills Ltd.
21 Hussain Industries Ltd.
22 International Knitwear Ltd.
23 Ishaq Textile Mills Ltd.
24 Jubilee Spinning & Weaving Mills Ltd.
25 Kaiser Arts & Krafts Ltd.
26 Khyber Textile Mills Ltd.
27 Kohinoor Industries Ltd.
28 Kohinoor Textile Mills Ltd.
29 Libass Textile Mills Ltd.
30 Legler Nafees Denim Mills Ltd.
31 Mahmood Textile Mills Ltd.
32 Marr Fabrics Ltd.
33 Masood Textile Milla Ltd.
34 Main Textile Industries Ltd.
35 Mohamad Farooq Textile Mills Ltd.
36 Mubarak Textile Mills Ltd.
37 Nafees Cotton Mills Ltd.
38 Nishat (chunian)
39 Nishat Mills Ltd.
40 Nina Industries Ltd.
41 Rashid Textile Mills Ltd.
42 Redco Textile Mills Ltd.
43 Reliance Weaving Mills Ltd.
44 Safa Textile Mills Ltd.
45 Sapphire Textile Mills Ltd.
46 Sapphire Fibres Ltd.
47 Schon Textile Mills Ltd.
48 Shams Textile Mills Ltd.
49 Star Textile Mills Ltd.
50 Surag Cotton Mils Ltd.
51 Taj Textile.
52 Tawakkal Garment Industries Ltd.
53 Towellers Ltd.
54 Usman Textile Mills Ltd.
55 Zahur Cotton Mills Ltd.
56 Zahur Textile Mills Ltd.
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